I just want to give up

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I’m laying here on this couch in my new apartment and I just feel free. I can breathe, and I can be proud of the place that I live in.

I can start focussing on what makes me happy and on the people I care about, because I’ve been neglecting both of those far too much because of the incessant carelessness and irresponsibility of other people.

It feels great.


why can’t I just quit school and travel the world already?


It’s official, I’m in love with the Cascades.

Mt. Baker State Park, North Cascades, Washington.


Animals Waving Hello to You [boredpanda]

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“this cat doesn’t even want to eat it just wants to WARM ITS FACE”

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fuegophilippe asked:
There was an anon asking what "aa" in messages mean. A double "a" is another way of saying "å" when you don't have it available on the keyboard, it is because pouncing "aa" in Norwegian makes it an "å" sound - so it makes perfect sense to a Norwegian person to randomly switch between "a" and "aa" as a place holder if there is no "å" on the keyboard.


I just want to travel.

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